United Soft

Who We Are

Our Introduction

United Soft is a Website Designing, Development and Smartphone Apps Development Company. The main activity of the company is to promote and develop business customers using web-based tools.

In 2008 we entered the market with basic by modern standards, work on search engine optimization websites. Just a couple of years of Website Designing, Development and Smartphone Apps Development beginners, we have become one of the most popular and professional teams. Furthermore, became engaged in the Search Engine Optimization.

But our desire to make the world a better online business, spurred by the development of the market has led us to the next step. From the technical advancement of websites, we have moved to the marketing promotion of businesses and products in the online environment.

Our Task - Optimizing your cost

Our main product is a comprehensive service that allows our clients to get the maximum number of customers at the lowest possible cost. We optimise the algorithm of actions to promote such a way that the average cost of a convertible visitor was profitable. In this case, we estimate the cost is convertible visitors, ie visitors who are buyers or customers of our customers.

The Quality Standard

Our main landmark is the responsibility for achieving the goals. The quality of United Soft – is not only when all the work is done well and on time. More importantly, this work led to the desired results.
Yes, many companies working in the field of Internet technologies give good results. The only question is what should be considered the result of the work. For many, the result of designing the website – it’s aesthetically pleasing patterns, well-integrated part of the software product. And the result of work on promotion is a large flow of visitors. United Soft is to be the result of all the work increase the number of customers of the customer. Everything else – the tools to achieve this goal.
For the customer, the result is the development of business, increase profits, increase in capitalization, etc., and for many contractors – is dealt with work corresponding to a formal contract. United Soft prefers a different approach and achieves exactly the result that you want the customer.

Fractional Technology

In developing our technology, we try to avoid “cumbersome” schemes, which consist of many is too closely related processes. We prefer the flexibility. So put the emphasis on the development of individual technologies mini-processes that can be built into the overall system in different amounts and in different order. Selection of mini-technologies and how these interactions depend on the task.
That is, we do not just customize the client one more standard pattern of work, every time we create an individual plan of individual “building blocks”. Now, this approach allows us, on the other hand, to use proven technologies, designed with considerable experience, the other – each time to create individual technology to solve specific problems.

Project Team

Creating a project team – this is again a “building of bricks.” Only here as “building blocks” serve our employees who are part of the team, perfect to achieve your goals.


After the stage where managers and analysts assess your goals and make the scheme work is the formation of teams. Select only those employees, skills and creativity


Formation of project teams can pick the best performers for all types of jobs. At the project approach, it is not necessary to distribute the work among employees,

How to Combine Personal Approach and Standardized Business Process?

At first glance, the combination of the personal approach with technologies that require proven schemes and standards that may seem like a daunting task. However, we have found a solution: the creation of fractional technology and project teams.

The Method Of Achieving Quality

Chief Assistant to achieve our quality standards. Our customers are, first and foremost, people. Yes, the expected results of our work focused on the benefit of the client. But we work, after all, the people.
We believe that a formal approach to business relationships are not only ineffective but also dangerous. Of course, the firm is a structure diagram of work and interaction, etc. But first of all – people. And people are all different. So even similar in the internal organisation of the firm are different and require different approaches. The formal approach can negate all, it would seem perfectly finished work. Just because this approach does not take into account the individual characteristics of the company due to personal characteristics of people who work in it. Therefore, in our work, we are not forgetting about the generalised experience and standardised technologies, first of all, after all, focus on the individual characteristics of clients.

The Result – The Solution To Your Problems

As a result, you get the right customers to you, and we – the satisfaction of a job well done.
If you still have questions, simplify the explanation of the comparison. Surely you know how expensive costumes are sewn to order. The master has examples of styles, patterns and even ready-made samples of cross-linked models. Responsible, good, but the standard master-minded, of course, be customised templates for your figure, will be picking the right style for you. However, his task he will bring to the statement: The main thing which suits sitting. Now, a master of the highest class, not only think about it but also about how you will achieve the desired effect, which can make your costume. Such a master suffice it to say, for which you need a costume, and he will pick the perfect option.
So we – the team, United Soft are not only here to complete just the job you desire, and solve your specific problems and help to achieve your individual goals.